Each year, IMA will admit approximately 4 MSc students and 3 PhD students. In addition there will be specific calls for postdoctoral positions and undergraduate research assistantships from time to time. The IMA stipends for MSc and PhD students are respectively $12,000 and $20,000 per year for two years.

This stipend complements the supervisor’s support (which may be adjusted accordingly) and may also be reduced in case of a complementary external scholarship such as Vector. In addition, for all MSc and PhD students, internship offers are ensured to meet program requirements; when internships are through government agencies or smaller SMEs, they may be without additional remuneration beyond the CREATE stipend, while other internships are funded and, in particular, offers through Mitacs are at least $15k per internship (this is in addition to the CREATE stipend).

Efforts will be made to match trainees to internships of their preference; this could be related to their thesis topic but need not be.