Welcome to IMA

INTER-MATH-AI (IMA) is a collaborative training program in Math and AI hosted by the University of Ottawa, McGill University, Université de Montréal and the University of Guelph, with partners the Research Institutes Fields and CRM (in Math) and Vector and MILA (in AI). The program’s core mission is to cultivate in-depth awareness of ethics and social impact of AI in the next generation of AI innovators, and to increase diversity in this highly specialized group.

On the technical side, the program is specifically focused on providing research-level training in both Mathematics and Machine Learning while at the same time giving students practical experience in internships where they combine Math and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to produce original hybrid solutions for specific research-level challenges. These challenges are provided by internship hosts who belong to our network of Collaborators: technologically sophisticated Small and Medium Employers (SMEs) in Canada’s Science and Technology sector and/or domestic and international research labs. Every IMA graduate student (MSc or PhD) is co-supervised by researchers from at least two different corners of the Math-AI-Applications triangle, and often synergy between the thesis project and internships is possible. With these elements of the program – co-supervision and interfacing with domain experts outside Math-AI – IMA is committed to offering fertile ground for genuine interdisciplinary innovation.


Formation of highly qualified personnel with hybrid skills


Facing the gender and diversity gap in Artificial Intelligence


Assuring ethical principles and responsible practices